Friday, May 18, 2018

Baseball Cards Magazine 1991 / 1966 Cubs

The third edition of Baseball Cards Magazine's cards used the 1966 Topps design.  The Cubs managed three cards among the 72 in the set.


It was nice to see Shawon Dunston get some recognition.  He was usually overshadowed by Sandberg, Grace, and Dawson.  And doesn't Greg Maddux look young!

Hector Villanueva was one of Harry Caray's favorites.  It was always and adventure when Harry said his name.  You never knew what pronunciation Harry would use.

The side by side looks show what a poor job the magazine did with this fairly simple design.

The shade of orange isn't even close.  The font is too narrow.  The didn't even get the diagonal with the name right.  The triangle left in the corner should be much smaller than the one they ended up with.

The rookie cards have the same corner triangle problem and the names should be white, not black.

After doing a nice job with their first two sets, Baseball Cards Magazine really struck out with the '66s.

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  1. Nice '67T Williams! Love that pose. Just wish it was zoomed out a tad bit more, so his knuckles aren't cropped out.