Thursday, May 17, 2018

Baseball Cards Magazine 1990 / 1969 Cubs

Baseball Cards Magazine moved forward ten years with their 1990 set, going from 1959 to 1969.  This was the set that got me interested in the entire run from the magazine. as I compared their release to Heritage when it came out in the winter.

The set was again made up of 72 cards, which came on a full page in the magazine and needed to be cut out.  The Cubs have five cards.



Grace and Sandberg were the stars of the team (along with Andre Dawson, who didn't make the cut).  Smith and Walton had an outstanding rookie season in 1989, which earned them slots.    Derrick May was the better of the two rookies, putting together a ten year career as opposed to Greg Smith's 27 game MLB career.

And now the comparisons... and again, the original is in the middle, surrounded by the magazine card and Heritage.

The magazine did a better job with the orange circle while Heritage was closer with the team name.  I find it interesting that the position listing, for the same position, is different on each of the three cards.

And the rookie cards look like this...

The magazine was pretty close though they missed on odd little detail.  The dot that separates the name and position on the Topps card is white, but the magazine made it yellow.

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  1. Dwight Smith, Jerome Walton, and Baseball Cards Magazine. Good times.