Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Baseball Card Price Guide Cubs Cards 1993

The 1993 version of the Baseball Card Price Guide set broke new ground for these magazine cards.  Instead of copying a Topps baseball design, they went with their the 1973 Topps football design.

The set grew to 104 cards, but it was made up of players from all four major sports. That may explain why they went with a football design.  Of the 104 cards, 54 were baseball players and two were Cubs.


Its a pretty plain design that will work with any sport.  And how did they do?

Not too bad.  About the only glaring difference is the space between the position and the team.

The 1993 set was the final for SCD, as it was for Baseball Card Magazine.  I wonder if Topps stepped in and told them to stop swiping their designs?

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