Monday, May 21, 2018

Baseball Cards Magazine 1993 / 1968 Cubs

Baseball Cards Magazine finished its set with the 1993 release, mimicking Topps 1968. This is the burlap set that was done by Heritage last year.  Oddly, this final set was also the largest, with 95 cards.  Usually as sets come to an end, their checklist has dwindled.  Baseball Cards Magazine went out with a bang.

Four Cubs were included



This was a pretty decent effort, after two pretty mediocre years.  They even did two versions of the burlap, just like Topps.

The narrow burlap was pretty close.  They still had trouble matching the orange, though.  And the name font wasn't quite right either.

The wide burlap was way too wide.  Heritage was almost spot on, but the magazine needed to shrink their's down.

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