Tuesday, May 7, 2019

1970 Dunkin Donuts Billy Williams

Dunkin Donuts was one of several retail outlets to jump on the Cubs bandwagon in the late Sixties.  In both 1969 and 1970 they issued a Cubs bumper sticker set.  Billy Williams was among the six Cubs in each set.

Both the '69 and '70 stickers are on the PSA master list for Billy and I've been in the hunt for each for a few years.  They don't show up often and when they do they are out of my price range.

Recently a 1970 sticker was listed on Ebay.  It was a Buy it Now / Best Offer so I made an offer. It was accepted and I now have another item to cross off the list.

I got it at a decent price because the printing of the red is off.  There is supposed to be a white border around the CUBS letters, but the red was printed too high.  You can also see on Billy's face how the colors are off.  This sticker gives me the chance to check another item off the list, but it is also just a placeholder.  I plan to upgrade this sometime in the future.

With this sticker I've now reached 80% of the items on the master list.


  1. Bumper sticker, eh? That's certainly a unique item!

  2. These are cool. Have the Hundley and Banks in my collection

  3. Sweet!

    I actually like the way that Cubs looks with the red being off a little.

  4. 80% is awesome! Congratulations! Love the design of this bumper sticker! If they made ones for the A's, I'd be all over them.