Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Red Foley Stickers

A few weeks back I had several posts with Panini Stickers.  In addition to Fleer, Topps, and Panini, there was one other major sticker brand in the late '80s and early '90s.

From 1987 thought 1996, stickers were included in Red Foley's Best Baseball Book Ever.  This is the 1987 book and you see that there were 130 stickers included.

The big unanswered question is "Who is Red Foley?"  There was a country singer with that name, but he died in 1968.  I wonder if the book says so?  Maybe I'll have to buy one to find out.

The stickers in the book were pretty small, just 1½" x 1¾", for the first six years (1987 - 1993).  In 1994 the stickers grew to regular baseball card size.  They stayed that size the next year too, before shrinking a little (2" x 2¾") in the final year, 1996.

Not only were the first stickers small, but they were very plain too.  All that was on them was a picture and a sticker number.  That is a very minimalist design!

Most years there were five of six Cubs stickers.  That lasted until the end of the run, when the Cubs shrunk to three, two, or one.

I'll go year by year over the next several posts to give you a look at all of the Red Foley Cubs.


  1. I have them listed on my Braves want list, but I've never seen any. The stickers on that book are Topps stickers, how'd he get by with that.

  2. Another cool item I never knew existed. Off to eBay to see if there are any cheap books.

  3. New Yorkers know Red Foley...he was a longtime writer for the Daily News. Was official scorer for a bunch of World Series games, too.

    Not the same person as the country singer, of course.