Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Scans Folder Has Grown

Six years ago I wrote a post about the folder that all of my Cubs cards scans are kept in.

The scans are put in folders by brands, and then within that folder, by year.  I also have an icon for each folder, usually using the brand's logo.

This is what the folder looked like in January, 2013.  There were folders for 91 different brands.  Since then I've added a slew of brands.  Many of my posts over the last few months have been showing the additions.

As the number of brands grows, so does the number of folders.  My Cubs scans folder is now stuffed with over 200 different brand folders.  Here's the May, 2019 version

Like I said, the scan folder has grown!


  1. Love all the little icons! Well done!

  2. I consider myself to be organized... but it's nothing like this. Very impressive!

  3. Haven't seen Windows XP screenshots in a while!