Tuesday, May 14, 2019

1998 Pacific Online Cubs

In 1998 I upgraded my modem from 28kb to 56kb.  We were flying when we logged in to AOL.  Man was the internet great!

Pacific jump into the internet craze in 1998 with an 800 card set called Pacific Online.

Not only were there pictures of players on the cards, but a website was listed too!  If you go to the URL listed on Terry Adam's card today, this is what you get:

 I'm assuming that the site is long gone.

Among the 800 cards in the set are 25 Cubs players and Kerry Wood on a checklist.




  1. I remember testing out the website a few years ago and receiving the same response. I wonder if anyone has screen shots of what the old Pacific Online website looked like.

  2. I tried the Internet Archives site, but had no luck there.