Friday, August 23, 2019

2011 Ginter Mini Cubs

I've had about 120 of the Allen & Ginter mini cards show up.  Most sets still have a few holes, but the 2011 set is complete. Unfortunately, it has one of the ugliest mini cards.

A quick word about the tile - I have it set at five cards across because that matches the sheets in the binder.

Take a look at all sixteen of the 2011 cards and see if you find the card I consider to be the ugly one.  I think that it really sticks out like a sore thumb.

The ugly one?

This horitzonal card of Koskus Fukudome.  It looks really out of place when you compare it to all the vertical cards.  A nice looking page is ruined by one stinker.


  1. I'd put that Fukudome at the end of the sheet and move everyone else up one spot. Since you have 16 in a 3x5 tile, Fukudome would be the outlier and thus sit by itself, which then doesn't look as bad. Just a suggestion.