Wednesday, January 20, 2010

196(9) At A Time - Deckle Edge Page 2

#10 - Bill Freehan The Tigers were one of only two teams (the Giants were the other) with three players in the set. I guess you get the extra cards when you are world champs!

#11A - Hoyt Wilhelm Our first of the two repeated numbers. This was to be the Royals card, since they had taken him from the White Sox (whose uniform he's wearing) in the expansion draft. But when he was traded to the Angels in December, that left Topps with no Royals, and so this card was left out of later printings.

#11B Jim Wynn. The Toy Cannon was the replacement Astro when Rusty Staub (#22) was traded to the Expos. I wonder why Topps didn't put the replacement Royal as #11, but instead switched the Royals and Astros around? His hat is airbrushed because of the Topps/ Astros logo mess that wasn't cleared up until Series Four.

#12 Rod Carew Does this picture look familiar?

#13 Mel Stolllemyre The black and white of the Yankees' uniform looks nice on a black and white card.

#14 Rick Monday Like they did several times in the base set, Topps removed the KC from the helmet of this older photo.

#15 Tommy Davis A super-airbrushed card, with both the hat logo and uniform logo removed. Davis was the Pilots' representative in the set.

#16 Frank Howard He is wearing a Dodgers uniform with a curly W painted on his helmet. The Dodgers traded Howard to the Senators after the 1964 season, making this photo at least five years old.

#18 Felipe Alou Kind of odd that Alou was selected as the Brave in the set instead of Henry Aaron, who had hit his 500th career home run in 1968.

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