Tuesday, January 26, 2010

196(9) At A Time - Deckle Edge Page 3

The cards were numbered by team city name alphabetically. The American League was first, then the NL. We ended page two with Atlanta, so today its Chicago, Cincinnati, Houston (in the original set), Los Angeles, and Montreal.

We start with the best cards in the set...after all, this is Wrigley Wax, not Crosley Cards!

#18 Don Kessinger Yea! A Cub!

#19 Ron Santo Yea, another Cub.

And this time, Topps REALLY went into the archives. They are using the same picture that was on Santo's 1961 rookie card! Why on earth would they use a photo that was taken in 1960 on a card released in 1969?

#20 Tommy Helms

#21 Pete Rose
Both of the Reds' players are shown in vests, which the Reds last wore in 1966...again, old photos.

#22A Rusty Staub
, who was supposed to be the Astro in the set, but got bumped when he was traded to the Expos.

#22B Joe Foy, the replacement Royal for #11A Hoyt Wilhelm.

#23 Tom Haller, in a Giants uniform with an LA painted on the hat.

#24 Maury Wills, representing the Expos, though obviously in a Pirates uniform.

#25 Jerry Koosman, with a really strange look on his face. I wonder why they included Koosman instead of Seaver?


  1. The ancient photos that Topps used in sets in the 1960s really bothers me and has for a long time. I don't see why it didn't bother collectors in the '60s, although I'm sure the vast majority were kids and didn't notice.

    1. I'm guessing that in the 1960s, ALL the collectors were kids.