Wednesday, January 13, 2010

196(9) At A Time - Page 75 - THE FINAL PAGE!!

We've reached the end of the line! There are only three cards on this final page.

#662 - Royals Rookies Drago was 11-13 for the Royals....Spriggs hit .138 in 33 AB's....Oliver, who doesn't look too happy on this card, hit a steady .254 with 13 HRs and 43 RBIs.

#663 - Dick Radatz Radatz pitched for the Cubs in 20 games for the Cubs in 1967 and it looks like he is in the Cubs blue pinstripes, standing in front of the brick wall at Wrigley Field. And this makes past/present/future Cubs player #100 in the set, and with no airbrushed players on this page, the Cubs pass the airbrushed! He made 11 appearances for the Tigers before being sold to the Expos on June 15. He was 0-4 with the Expos in 22 games, the final games of his career.

#664 - Ron Hunt The first and last cards in a set are sometimes known as the rubber band cards, since they would be the ones on the top and bottom of a stack of cards rubber banded together. And because of that, they are often in worse shape than others in the set. It's appropriate that Hunt's card would be dinged up, since as a player, Ron Hunt was ofter dinged up. From 1968 - 1974 he led the National League in being hit by a pitch. Hunt hit .262 for the Giants in 1969, though his on base percentage was .361. He even picked up 8 vote points in the NL MVP balloting.

And that, my friends, is it for the 1969 set, all 664 cards, nine at a time. I'll have a recap coming in the next couple days.

And as Cubs TV announcer Jack Brickhouse would say, Here are the happy totals:

Overall Final Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 45
Hatless - 148
Airbrush - 99
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 100!!

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