Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hawk in the Hall

Andre Dawson's special day has finally arrived and today he officially becomes a member of baseball's Hall of Fame. Congratulations Hawk!

To celebrate, I've got a recent pickup to show you. These are from another late '80's - early '90's company that I had never heard of, Star.

Star's gimmick was putting out sets with multiple cards of a single player. The Dawson cards I've got here are from Star '88 and there are eleven different ones of Andre Dawson.

Star was not putting out high quality stuff. The card stock is pretty flimsy and the information on the back is minimal. And who decided to go with the pink border? Also, the copyright on the back says 1984, but obviously these can't be from 1984.

But it sure was easy to add a bunch of Dawson cards to the collection.

These are numbered 1 - 11, each with a different theme.

#1 The Hawk, has a checklist on the back

#2 Minor League Stats, and we've got him in an Expos uniform. Did they consider Montreal minor league?

#3 Major League Stats, I guess Montreal is major league after all.

#4 Playoff Stats, Dawson was 9 for 40 in two post-season series for the Expos in 1981

#5 All Star Stats, and he's back in Cubbie blue.

#6, 1977 NL Top Rookie, but why not show his as an Expo?

#7, 1987 NL MVP, this is an interesting angle, one you rarely see on a baseball card. I like it.

#8, Records, with Dawson showing off his cannon-like arm.

#9, Career Highlights, with a nice posed shot. I like this one, too.

#10, Personal Data, and we get a double Hall of Fame picture

#11, The Future, do you think those nuns knew something the rest of us didn't?

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