Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fleer Ultra 1991: The Logo That Wouldn't Move

Almost every card made today has a brand logo in the upper corner of the card. And the logo moves to the left or right side, depending on the picture.

Derrek Lee, right side

Aramis Ramirez, left side

They do a such a good job of this that we hardly even notice the logo anymore. But when Fleer issued their first set of Ultra in 1991, the logo didn't move. It was on the left side of the card come hell or high water. And it made for a few interesting looking Cubs cards.

Look how close the ball in the logo and the ball in the picture are to each other. Move the logo over just a little bit and you could have had this...

....Mike Bielecki throwing the Ultra logo.

On this card we assume that Joe Girardi is holding the ball to show the ump. But because of the logo we'll never know.

And here we assume that Mike Harkey is throwing a baseball, but again, we can be 100% sure. And look at all that blank space on the right side of the card.

1991 was the only season of the immovable logo.

The next year, Fleer wised up and moved it according to the photo (and ruined my fun!).

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