Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Finished With the Patches

Back in July I wrote about my quest for all of the Cubs hat logo patches from Topps this year. I had all eight from Series 2 and three of the four from Series 1.

The missing Series 1 card was Ernie Banks. And it wasn't going to be easy to get. I found two available from the Beckett Marketplace, but the asking price seemed too high. So I decided to just bide my time, waiting to win one from Ebay. The problem was that none were showing up on Ebay. For over four months, not a single one was offered. I was starting to get impatient!

But a couple weeks ago, one finally popped up. I set my bid program up and sat back and watched and waited. Just before the auction ended, the bids started going up. And in the end.......I lost!

But, the final price ended up higher than what Beckett was asking. So I guess the Beckett price wasn't all that out of line. As soon as the auction ended, I went straight to the Marketplace and bought the card. I didn't want to wait another four months for one to show up on Ebay.

And now, I've got it.

The joy of a completed set! All four Cubs are now in my binder.

The weird thing about the Banks card is that his name is spelled wrong. They left off the "s" at the end. If this was a Jeff Samardzija card, I could understand the mistake. But Ernie Banks?

Come on Topp, get it right! (how does it feel to have the "s" left off of your name!!)

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