Monday, September 27, 2010

No Red Ivy, Again

Yesterday was the Cubs last home game of the season. That means that I will have to wait another year to find out if the ivy at Wrigley Field really turns red in the fall.

At the start of the season, the ivy is an ugly, leafless brown color. It looks drab, but the excitement and optimism of a new season overrides the ugly ivy.

Some time in mid May, the Cubs return from a road trip and when the TV cameras show the outfield, like magic the ivy has turned to a luscious green. It is a true sign that summer is here and the baseball season is in full swing.

I've heard it said that the ivy at Wrigley will turn red in late October, before the leaves finally fall off. Unfortunately, I've never seen Wrigley in late October to confirm this. And this year will be no different. There are going to be no games on the north side in October.

Like I've been doing my entire lifetime, I'll have to wait again until next year. Here's hoping that the 2011 Cubs, led by manager MikeRyne Quadeberg, will be playing baseball with red ivy.


  1. I'm sure, just as a stadium with no lights, that the MLB brass would deem red ivy as an unsuitable hitters backdrop and move all WS games to Comiskey.

    I've seen poor shots of the red ivy before. This one is simply beautiful.

  2. True confession time....the red ivy picture is a photoshop job; I couldn't find any real ones!

  3. Wasn't there a "red ivy" rallying cry a few years ago after a Cubs player saw a bit of red ivy and decided that not many teams were still playing when the ivy was red?

  4. Has anyone ever seen Wrigley in late October? ;)

  5. Ouch! Beautiful nonetheless. Maybe Google Satellite has an overhead shot.

    Was there red ivy in '03?