Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I've Been Targeted, And I'm Not Sure Why

I think most card bloggers, myself included, do this because we enjoy our hobby. I don't think anyone is in it for fame or money (what money??).

But, I suspect that we all do hope that there are people out there is cyberspace that actually read what we write. I know that I do.

So I check my site meter stats just to see if anyone is reading. And now that Blogger has added stats, I check them out too.

I found got something odd going on, and I'm not sure what it means.

According to Blogger, over the past month, the most view page on my site is this one from April 1, 2010. It's received nearly 500 page views. I'd like to think my witty April Fools joke featuring Target Red Card variations is the reason for the traffic. But its not. All the views are being referred from a specific Google Image search.

If you do a Google image search for "Target Red Card" this logo

that I used on the April 1 page comes up as the 12th item. In a search for "Target Red" it comes up on page 10.

Who are all these people who search Google for "Target Red Cards?" I wonder what they think when they get to Wrigley Wax?

And what does it mean if my most visited page is found by people who have no connection to baseball cards? And will I get a bunch of views on this page because I added the Target logo?

Lesson for bloggers: if you want to goose your numbers, put a famous brand logo on a page!


  1. Chances are, one fairly well-read site used a link to your image, and every reader there is being picked up as a blip on your stats.

    Still, nice being associated with a fine MN company.

  2. I guess I should have added a few company logos to my post:

  3. At work I often need to use company logos in presentations to show who our clients are. I pull them off of google image search - I imagine a lot of other people do as well.