Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Backs of the T206's

The backs of the T206's all have some sort of interesting fact about the player. There were four Cubs cards that really stood out to me.

Any serious Cubs fan would recognize the error on Dempster's card immediately. Did Topps forget about Cubs great Fergie Jenkins, born in Chatham, Ontario? He too played in three All Star games. But the bigger question is how did a hall of fame pitcher that won 20+ games in seven different seasons only make it to three All Star games?

It's an interesting fact about Koskue, but how many other NL Japanese players have their been? Not too many. That's like saying Rob Mackowiak has the most home runs of any player born in my home town, Oak Lawn, Illinois. Of course there were only 3 MLB players ever born in Oak Lawn!

The three Hall of Famers are Ernie Banks, Billy Williams, and Hack Wilson. The fourth, not in the Hall, would be Sammy Sosa.

Hard to believe that Zambrano has won over 60% of the games he starts. But with this season's stats figured in, that percentage will be dropping, though Zambrano has looked much better since he returned to the starting rotation.

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  1. Actually, Z has gone 9-5 as a starter this season, 0-1 as a reliever, so his career mark would actually be going UP, not down.