Thursday, September 30, 2010

1992 Pinnacle's Subsets

Pinnacles first release in 1992 contained several interesting subsets.

Let's start with the two subsets that didn't include any Cubs. First there was The Idols, which contained a large black and white picture of a players idol along with a smaller color picture of the player. Since none of the 14 cards featured a Cubs player, I'll show you the only one of the set that was not a sports personality.

David Cone's idolized Jackie Gleason. Other players picked guys like Willie Stargell, Rod Carew, and Lou Gehrig. Cone picks an overweight comedian.

Another subset was Shades, which showed a player wearing.......shades, of course. And a picture of the player was added to appear like a reflection in the shades. I suppose this was very cool in 1992.

This is the Twin's Chuck Knoblauch. I picked him to show because its not too often that Chuck Knoblauch gets any love from any blogger.

I've got Cubs for the other three subsets. First off is Sidelines, which shows a player doing something besides playing baseball.

Dwight Smith fancied himself a singer and sang the national anthem at Wrigley a couple times. This picture is from Opening Day, 1991. He is the second Cub that I am aware of that has performed the anthem at Wrigley.

Carmen Fanzone did it in the early '70's.

Grips was the name of a seven card subset that showed how several pitchers gripped the ball on their speciality pitch.

The Cubs Greg Maddux showed his circle change grip. 1992 would also be Maddux' last season with the Cubs before signing with the Braves. He left the Cubs in a blaze of glory, going 20-11 with a 2.18 ERA and winning his first Cy Young Award.

The final subset was called The Technician and showed the proper technique for several baseball skills.

Ryne Sandberg was the subject for infield play. He was a good choice as he led the league in fielding at second base three times and won the Gold Glove for nine consecutive seasons from 1983 - 1991.

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  1. I loved those subsets. I have that gleason card and always thought it was hilarious. The Tim Raines Shades card was the best though. I have the David Justice Technician card analyzing his swing...just plain awesome.