Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dick Perez Cubs Postcards

Sports Collectors Daily recently had an article on a self-published book by artist Dick Perez.

You may be famimiar with his work on the Donruss Diamond King cards.

The book features over 1400 of his works. Included are the postcards he painted of every Hall of Fame player. The cards were released in limited form (only 10,000) from 1980 - 2001. One cool thing about the book is that it includes portraits of the Hall of Famers inducted after 2001. Among them would be Ryne Sandberg. Now I would love to have a look at that Sandberg, but at $200.00, that a little too steep for me!

As I said earlier, the postcards from the Perez Steele Galleries were released from 1980 - 2001. The first six series, 176 postcards, were issued in 1980 and 1981. Series 7 - 14 were released every other year, starting in 1983. and they featured the players elected into the Hall since the previous release. The final set was produced in 2001, after skipping a 1999 set. In all, there were 253 postcards made.

The cards are regular postcard sized, 3½" by 5½". The backs have the cards number out of 10,000, plus a little information about the player. They also have a spot to write and mail the postcard. I wonder how many of these were actually used as postcards? Not too many I'm guessing.

I do have all of the postcards of the Hall of Fame Cubs. There are eleven of them and I'll show them by era.

Cap Anson was the Cubs (actually they were the White Stockings at the time) first star player and managed the team from 1879 - 1897. He was the face of the franchise in its early years.

These four cards are from the World Champion era....and yes, I know it was over 100 years ago!

The twenties and thirties would be represented by these stars. The Cubs were pretty good during that time, winning NL pennants in 1929, 1932, 1935, and 1938. It was every three years like clockwork; win the pennant and lose the World Series.

And the final three are guys that I idolized as a kid.

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