Friday, September 17, 2010

Fifties Friday: 1952 Topps

Welcome to the modern era for baseball cards! This is the set that changed everything and

ushered in baseball cards as we know them today.

The set is full of so many innovations, things like...

...a large sized card, measuring 2 5/8" by 3 3/4"
...a large set of cards, with 407 players featured
...a color team logo on the card
...season and career statistics on the back

Topps really hit one out of the park with this set.

And sadly for me, this is the only Topps set that I have had to settle for the reprints instead of the real things. There are 28 Cubs in the set, so just by numbers alone, that makes it an expensive set to track down. Add to that some really expensive high number cards, and that leaves me to be satisfied with reprints. And I am OK with that.....for now!

There are very few names among the 28 Cubs that you would recognize. Phil Cavarretta and Hank Sauer you may have heard of. Roy Smalley would be known too, but probably because you know his son, not him. But otherwise, the Cubs were not very good!


  1. I think the Dee Fondy card is my favorite among this bunch.

  2. 28 Cards! WOW!! I'd be interested to find out just how many different players played in a Cubs uniform that year. This has to be the majority of them at the time of year the set came out.

  3. The '52 Cubs had 21 position players and 14 pitchers suit up.

  4. Are you considering collecting the real '52 Topps and replacing the reprints (one by one) in the furture?

    I love the '52 set, even though I'm certain I'll never complete it. It's not stopping me from trying; I have nearly half the set.

  5. I'm always considering it, but I don't have it very high on the list.