Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Following All the Blogs

Steve at White Sox Cards wrote yesterday about the difficulty in keeping up with all of the baseball card blogs that are out there now. The number just keeps growing, which is a good thing, but that also means its becoming harder to keep up with all the blogs. Steve uses his blogroll, which lists the blogs by most recent post, and just works his way down the list.

Right now I have 120 blogs listed on my blogroll. And I read, or at least browse, each new post. But I also haven't been to many of the actual websites in months. Instead, I use Google Reader to follow the blogs. I have subscriptions of all 120 of the blogs in my blogroll. I'll just check in with Google Reader three or four times a day, and it gives me all of the blog entries posted since the last time I checked in. I'll read the posts, and if I want to leave a comment then I go to the actual blog. Otherwise, I just keep scrolling down.

Using Google Reader means I don't see your headers or layouts. It also means that I'm not included in any site meter you may have.
But I am reading your blog. So feel free to add seven more hits a week to your count.

So how do you keep up with the blogs? Are you physically here at Wrigley Wax or do you use a RSS reader like Google Reader? I'm interested in hearing what you do.


  1. I have 265 different blogs (most are card related, but not all) on my blogroll. I have a thumbnail, name and title and time of most recent post on my blog roll. I visit my own blog twice daily just for the blog roll and I scan from there. Even though I don't post much anymore, I still read them everyday. There are a few blogs like Night Owl, Play at the Plate and Cardboard Junkie that I read daily regardless. I have them linked on my desktop and read them in that order after work and then I hit up my own blog and sift through the roll... I have considered google reader. I know alot of folks use it, but I still prefer the blogroll with the thumbnails... Great post WW.

  2. Been using feed readers since '01, 'cause I'm a techy sort. I thought everybody used these things by now. I can't imagine how long it would take to check all the websites everyday without it. So I follow using Google Reader, and click through to comment when I feel like saying something on a particular post... like right now. Easy, quick, saves me tons of time.

  3. I scan through the headlines in Google Reader, and I occasionally click on a post I missed in my blog roll. I usually don't click through to anybody's blog unless I want to leave a comment.

  4. I'm waiting on a legit Google Reader app for Android to start reading via a feed reader. Right now, I just have a folder of feed links on my IE8 toolbar and check it every day. Not the most efficient, but I only have about 30 blogs in there so it's not the end of the world. -Andy

  5. I have 300 card blogs on the google dashboard because that's all it will allow!

    I don't use my blogroll to go to blogs, I just click from the dashboard. I like going directly to the blog because I like reading in the atmosphere of each particular blog (I see your Wrigley Field ivy backdrop every single day).

    The only time I use Google Reader is when I'm at work. Less conspicuous.

  6. I use Google Reader. Thanks for making me click through to leave a comment.

  7. I'm old school, so I'm here physically. Virtually, that is! I keep up with blogs because I limit my blogroll to year-specific Topps set blogs, and a few choice others. I may add blogroll headers soon.