Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Gimme Me A "C!"

Gimme Me Eleven C's!

No, that is not my high school report card.

I've got 11 C's to show off today. Eleven Hat Logo cards from Topps Series 1 and 2.

When I first saw these, I really debated about whether or not I wanted to chase them. I wasn't too thrilled about the whole "manufactured" logo thing. Game worn, sure; but manufactured, not so much.

But there were only four Cubs out of the 186 cards in Series 1, and they were all favorites of mine. Plus, the cards are numbered only to ninety-nine, which makes them a bit more collectible. So I jumped in.

I bought two right away, Ryne Sandberg (complete with a picture taken during his porn star mustached days) and Fergie Jenkins. It took a bit longer for the third, but I eventually got Andre Dawson added. The fourth is proving a bit tougher. Ernie Banks is #4, and I'm still working on him. Anyone got one?

Then came Series 2. I'm not too crazy about the 4th of July logo. And this time, there were eight Cubs to hunt down. But since I decide to go for Series 1, I felt I needed to finish with Series 2. So the hunt was on. These were much easier to get, since Series 2 was released not that long ago. Series 2 features four current Cubs and four Cubs from the past.

The current Cubs are Kosuke Fukudome, Derrek Lee, Aramis Ramirez, and Alfonso Soriano.

Here are the blasts from the past, Ernie Banks, Andre Dawson, Fergie Jenkins, and Rogers Hornsby.

Topps got a little lazy with the Jenkins and Hornsby cards. On both, they recycled photos. The Jenkins card has the same photo that was used on the Series 1 hat card (see above).

The Hornsby features the photo used in last year's Update set variation card and Turkey Red card. Apparently there is only one photo in existence that features Rogers Hornsby in a Cub uniform.

Let's see, there were four in Series 1 and eight in Series 2. I hope that doesn't mean I have 16 to hunt down when the Update set comes out!

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