Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Printing Problems with 2010 Topps

So are these going to be worth thousands for me? :)

Is this the 2010 version of the 1990 Frank Thomas no-name?

There were some printing problems with my 2010 Topps factory set.

This is the name on #453 Jesse English. The silver is missing. All that's there is the black.

Here is what the whole card looks like. The silver is there on the Topps logo in the upper left corner. So why is it missing on the name? And that wasn't the only one.

The same thing happened on Dusty Hughes' card.

And there were some others with other problems with the silver.

It's cut off at a weird angle on Jenrry Mejia's card.

And one these two, the silver was not lined up in the correct spot.

So how did these get past Topps' quality control department? Does Topps have a quality control department?


  1. "Does Topps have a quality control department?"

    No. When you are busy coming up with Strasburg gimmick promotions, who has time for quality control? All they do is announce a limited edition Strasburg and the cards sell themselves.

  2. Yeah, but I can dream, can't I??!!

  3. I don't think any of the card companies have quality control. 2010 Topps is screwed up...I'm hearing A&G is screwed up...UD has some big time quality issues with Champs Hockey...and Panini not only lacks quality control, they lack quality.