Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 Allen and Ginter Missing Cards

A few days ago I featured the Cubs relic cards from this year's Allen and Ginter. I mentioned how curious it was that two of the players with relics didn't have a card in the base set, but the relic gave us a glimpse of what their card would have looked like.

Well, today I'll go a step further. A little magic with Photoshop gives us

2010 Allen and Ginter Carlos Marmol

and 2010 Allen and Ginter Jeff Samardzija.

I understand why Samardzija is not in the base set, since he has spent most of the last two seasons in AAA walking too many hitters. But Carlos Marmol, the Cubs closer and a 2008 All Star, has never appeared in A&G. In fact, the same is true with him in the 2010 Heritage set too. He's got a GU card, but not a base card.

And here's where it gets even stranger. Marmol's relic card is not on listing of relic cards on the back of the box, nor the checklist that comes with the box.. Kosuke Fukudome's card is missing from both, too.

So does anyone out there have an accurate, complete list of all the relic cards? It's too bad that Topps can't post an accurate checklist of their products on their website. The last baseball release they have on the website is 2010 Baseball, Series One, released in January. What kind of nonsense is that?? Please join the 21st century, Topps.

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  1. I was just marking my relics on the check list and noticed that Shane Victorino, Ryan Zimmerman, and Colby Rasmus are also absent from the list. Wonder how many more are missing... Come on Topps, seriously?