Tuesday, July 6, 2010

2010 Allen and Ginter: The Complete Set

I'm thrilled that the set I bought on June 29 was in my hands on July 3. I've never had a complete set in hand so close to the release date. Usually I've got a month or so wait, so this is very exciting. The seller, textbookbuyers, also included an empty hobby box. Since I never buy these, this is my first box, and I can see where the excitement of getting a box and ripping some packs can come from.....but I'm still too cheap to take the plunge.

Rather than a long rambling description of the set, I'm going to do some random thoughts that came to my mind as I was paging through......

I really like the darker, bolder colors (like the blue and red on this one) over the washed out colors in last year's set.

Action shots....there were way too many of them (I counted 27). They don't belong in Allen and Ginter. Save them for the flagship brand. Keep A&G vertical.

Lucy....Someone was wondering if it was a card of Charlie Brown's Lucy, or just who it was....its a card of a skeleton.

It's a good thing these guys were really smart, because in these pictures they looks really dorky!

If Topps can change the uniform to match the player's new team, why couldn't they give Magglio a haircut, which he got in June of '09.

It took me 10 minutes to give Maggs a haircut.

They look on Alex Gordon's face says, "The jokes on you, how many of you suckers paid way too much for my cards!!" And by the way, why is there a card of this guy in the set at all?

This card would have looked a lot cooler with a picture of Michael Keaton.

The set has two Scott cards; one would have been enough. Keep the guy on the left, dump the one on the right.

Didn't this guy play with Freddy Mercury in Queen?

Doesn't he play for the Reds? Oh yeah, that's

Votto, not Gatto

That is all.

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  1. Here's Lucy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucy_(Australopithecus)