Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Goodies From Greg

Greg, aka Night Owl, was looking for some '71's a while back. I had a bunch of extras from when I put my set together that were just collecting dust, so I sent some his way.

Yesterday I got a return package full of Cubs.

First of all, he used blue tape on the team bag! In his note, he thought I would already have these cards. I did have many, and they'll find a home in WW Jr's growing Cubs collection. Among the cards were....

Ernie Banks 2010 National Chicle

Billy Williams 2008 Goudey

I'd like WW Jr to know and appreciate some of the Cubs stars from the past, and these cards will help.

Of course, having a card of a budding star never hurts either!

There were some cards that I didn't have, too.

Upper Deck Spectrum is a set I've never collected, but now I've got four Cubs from last year's set.

Topps Gallery is another set I've skipped.

But after getting these, I may have to change that. My original collection goal was team sets, with emphasis on the word team. I like sets that include a bunch of players. But now that I've got a majority of them, I'm turning my attention to smaller sets like Gallery, which had between 150-200 cards per set. That meant only 5-7 Cubs per set. That shouldn't be too hard to track down.

So thanks, Greg for the cards, and another brand to chase!

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