Thursday, July 8, 2010

1970 Cubs Team Issued Cards

This is the listing of concessions available at Wrigley Field in 1970. The ad comes from the inside of the scorecard.

A third of the way down on the right side, you'll notice that one of the items listed is a 12 player picture pack for 35 cents.

A couple weeks ago I bought one of the packs. It was more than 35 cents, but not a crazy amount. I paid $5.50 for the pack.

The pictures are 7" x 4 1/4" and printed on a paper stock. The paper is just the thickness of regular paper, not any sort of card stock. The backs have nothing printed on them.

The photos used were the stock players photos the Cubs had on file, some for years. My 1966 roster book has the same shot of manager Leo Durocher that was used with these 1970 cards. You would think that Topps must have been involved with these, given the re-use of old photos!

The twelve players featured include all the big names from the 1970 team except for outfielder/first baseman Jim Hickman. One player new to the team for 1970, Johnny Callison, is included in the pack. You'll also notice that his name was printed on the top of the card.

I've also got the envelope the cards came it. Its a lot more beat up than the cards.

I wouldn't consider them baseball cards per se, but they are a nice addition to my Cubs memorabilia collection.

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