Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2009 All Star Patches

When I started looking around for the Cubs hat logo patches, I often came across the 2009 All Star patches.

When they came out last year, I picked up this Ernie Banks 1962 card, but didn't give much thought to the others. I actually didn't even realize there were more...

But of course, there were. There were a total of four Ernie Banks and two Ryne Sandberg cards. So naturally, I had to go after them. I think the fact that I chased these a year after they came out made it easier. There wasn't too much action on any of the auctions and that kept the price down.

The Banks at the top is among my two favorites of the six.

This Sandberg is the other favorite. They both are from seasons in which the Cubs hosted the All Star game. Somewhere around the house I have a t-shirt that has the same 1990 All Star game logo. It's hard to believe that it has been twenty years since that game.

Here are the other cards:

Ernie Banks, 1955 Milwaukee All Star Game, With only two colors, that logo is the ugliest of the six I've got.

Ernie Banks, 1960 New York All Star Game.

Ernie Banks, 1965 Minnesota All Star Game. This is my favorite of the non-Cubs logos. You've got the logo in the shape of Minnesota, the two Twins, Minnie and Paul, and lots of colors. Very cool! Plus, this game was on MLB Network Sunday night. Did any one else watch it? It was amazing to watch a game with so many hall of famers in it. Ernie was 2 for 4 and Ron Santo had the hit that drove in the winning run for the National League.

Ryne Sandberg, 1984 San Francisco. This came was Sandberg's first exposure in the national spotlight.The game was played 2 1/2 weeks after "The Sandberg Game" against Bruce Sutter and the Cardinals. It was also the first time he started for the National League.

There are more of these in the 2010 set, though only three Cubs. I've got one and am working on the others. I hope to have them both to show you soon.

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