Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Topps 2010 #661 Stephen Strasburg

Look at what came today!

I ordered the complete factory set from Dave and Adam's Cardworld. This was my first purchase from them and I am very happy. The site said the factory set would be released on July 21. Well, today is July 21 and I've already got the set delivered and in my hands.

This is the first year in a while that Topps didn't issue a Cubs factory set. That's what happens when you don't win the division! So instead, it was the regular set for me. Several dealers really jacked up their factory set prices when #661 was announced, but Dave and Adam kept theirs pretty reasonable. I got a good price and speedy delivery. Thanks!

So my evening is set: I'll be reading through the set and filling up some sheets!


  1. We're big fans of DACW- they're on the up and up for sure! Any Cubs in your parallel pack?


  2. Jonathan Papelbon, Mike Hampton, Carl Pavano, AL HR Leaders, and Red Sox season highlights. Didn't realize that these are numbered to only 299.

  3. Dave's Cardworld has always been fair with me also. I like them. I ordered this set straight from Topps and it still hasn't arrived. I guess that is what happens when you get free shipping. I have seen this set at Target already.

  4. What do you know... after I post this comment, Topps sends an email that says my order is cancelled because of an allocation issue. Oops!