Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Thoughts on Topps 2010

Now that I've got the complete set and have had some time to go over it, some random thoughts....

....the Franchise History cards are unnecessary. Of course I may be a bit biased, since my team's history is, well, forgettable! But seriously, I'd rather have another card of a player. With only 660 cards in the set, were talking only 21-22 players per team. Players are always getting left out. Topps should try to put in as many as possible.

...I don't like inconsistency and the team cards had them. The backs of series one cards had a picture of the manager. In series two, the picture on the back was a cropped version of the front. Why no managers in series two?

...Why did the Rangers get a team card in both series one and series two, while the Rays got left out of both series?

...There were too many checklist cards. Ten checklists is five cards too many. That could have been five more real players in the set.

...Rookie of the Year cards, but no Topps All Rookie Team. I miss the trophies!

EDIT: I guess there are just slap one on the ROY cards and give the two extra cards to another player!


  1. I agree about franchise history - However, there are Topps All Rookie Team cards check out Beckham, McCutchen, Coghlan etc.... it is just a smaller different looking trophy

  2. Opps...don't know how I missed those....I'll edit my post. Thanks.