Monday, July 5, 2010

Allen and Ginter Cubs Are In My Hands!

Wow, that was fast!!

I bought my Cubs set last Tuesday night and they were in my hands Saturday! Thank you sportstntcards! Even better, my complete set arrived too! That too was bought on Tuesday.

As much as I like reading everyone else's posts on A&G, it's so much better to have them in my hand instead of on a computer screen.

I really like the looks of the cards this year. I wasn't crazy about the soft colors on last year's set. This year they seem brighter, more vibrant. I think the background color helps with that too. This is the first year of the five that A&G has a colored background instead of a plain white. Plus, the background color matches nicely with the blue in the Cubs uniform. I like the change.

Today I've got the Cubs to show you. Tomorrow, I'll have my take on the complete set.

As far as the Cubs go, there were nine in the set, with only one of them (Ryan Theriot) being a short-print. It was only five bucks for the nine. The featured players are the usual suspects, Dempster, Fukudome, Lee, Ramirez, Soriano, Soto, Theriot, and Zambrano, plus rookie Tyler Colvin. All eight veterans were in last year's set too. The Cubs haven't had much turnover, though I expect that will change this off-season, based on how the season is going.

Take a peak at my 2010 Allen and Ginter Cubs:

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