Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Two Cents on Allen and Ginter

I really like it. Along with Heritage, its my favorite of all of the brands I was introduced to when I got back into collecting in 2008. In fact, Allen and Ginter is the only other brand besides the Topps flagship brand that I collect the entire set, not just Cubs.

I've got every complete set of A&G starting from 2006. And (hopefully) in a few days I will have the 2010 set in my hot little hands. Yesterday I was able to buy a set with a best offer. And the best offer is at least $10 cheaper than any completed auction I've seen of full sets. Plus, it was at least $20 cheaper than what a hobby box is going for these days.

I know, I don't get the fun of ripping open some packs, and I don't get the minis, the relics, or the other goodies. And no Strasburg mini, either (I'll have to pay for WW Jr's college education some other way!). But truthfully, unless they are Cubs, I don't really want the inserts. I'm happy to have my 350 regular cards. And since I did so well with with the price, I also went and picked up the This Day in History set. So that makes a total of 425 cards and one happy collector.

I've also started working on the Cubs. I've already got the base cards and the lone Cubs SP bought and on the way. The only other thing I'm after are the five Cubs relic cards, and last night I was able to get take care of three of them. And I got some bargains on those too, including one jersey card for 99 cents.

Free Advice: If your looking to buy relics or special cards, the first few days after release are a good time. I've gotten plenty of bargains buying early. Sellers start most of the auctions at 99 cents, but there aren't enough buyers who know exactly what is out there yet. So if you are informed and early, you can get some good deals. But don't bid on any Cubs stuff-that's mine!

So, within a couple days of the release, I should be done. Now I can just wait for the mailman and then enjoy the cards. I'll leave the ripping to everyone else!


  1. I wish I had the discipline and the patience to do it the smart way. I read posts like this and say to myself,

    "Self, this is logical, economical and efficient. You will start being a smart collector."

    Then I see packs and boxes ready to be ripped and I lose all self control...LOL.

    Congrats on filling your needs and the advice on relics. I have discovered at least 6 I will be chasing.

  2. Tunguska....just stay away from the Cubs for the next day, please!! :)

  3. I buy lots of base sets of higher end sets (re: over $80 per hobby box). They look nice, and you can usually get them for a small fraction of what it'd cost to collate! My favorite base sets that can be had for around $10 are the SP Authentics and Sweet Spots. Good stuff!

    Your ebay advice is completely opposite when applied to COMC. The first wave of relics/autos from a set are always a tad expensive, and they won't come down until a lot of them start to surface.

  4. But my guess is that most people that read this blog are Cubs fans (although its toguh to admit this year). So you just significantly lessened your chances on Cuba A&G auctions.