Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thank You For the Extra Eyeballs

One of the top benefits of writing this blog is all of the extra eyeballs it gives me.

I live in a town of 10,000 people and there aren't too many baseball card collectors among the 10,000.  The nearest card shop is at least an hour away.  I have very few opportunities to talk cards with anyone around here.  But this blog gives me the chance to not only talk cards, but to get advice and direction from fellow collectors.

Case in point:  Last week I had a post about my autographed card collection.  My rule is to have at least one certified autograph for each Cub that had a certified autograph issued during a season in which they were active with the Cubs.  I thought that my Nomar Garciaparra auto was my last, but I also asked for help--was I missing anyone.

I was.  In fact, it looks like I was missing six different players.  Your extra eyeballs were a great help...and an excuse to go shopping!

First, I had to clean up my list a little.  I had Bill Madlock included, though his card was from well past his years with the Cubs.  He came off.  Same thing for DJ LeMahieu--his only active season with the Cubs was 2011 and the autograph cards for him are from his minor league days.

Of the additional six, five were easy to find...three on ebay and two from Checkoutmycards.  The hard one is of Kosuke Fukudome.  He's got an autograph from Upper Deck Timelines 2008, but I've never seen one....let the quest begin

Here are the five easy cards.... Hall of Famer...

....and four guys who won't even get a sniff of Cooperstown

My new updated list is below.  All right you extra eyeballs, am I finished now??

Cubs players with a certified autograph issued during a season they played with the Cubs

Terry AdamsLeo GomezBilly Petrick
Moises AlouTom GorzelannyFelix Pie
Darwin BarneyKevin GreggLou Piniella
Francis BeltranAngel GuzmanMark Prior
Milton BradleyBrnedan HarrisAramis Ramirez
Roosevelt BrownKevin HartAnthony Rizzo
Scott BullettJose HernandezHenry Rodriguez
Freddie BynumRich HillJeff Samardzija
Marlon ByrdMicah HoffpauirRey Sanchez
Andrew CashnerReed JohnsonRyne Sandberg
Larry CassianMatt KarchnerScott Servais
Frank CastilloBrooks Kieschnick        Alfonso Soriano
Starlin CastroBryan LaHairSammy Sosa
Ronny CedenoDerrek LeeGeovany Soto
Buck CoatsGreg MadduxRyan Theriot
Tyler ColvinDave MagadanOzzie Timmons
Juan CruzSean MarshallSteve Trachsel
Blake DeWittScott MooreJermaine Van Buren
Rafael DolisMatt MurtonTodd Walker
Scott DownsRod MyersTodd Wellemeyer
Kyle FarnsworthWill OhmanRandy Wells
Mike FontenotKevin OrieTurk Wendell
Kevin FosterAngel PaganKerry Wood
Kosuke FukudomeBob PattersonTravis Wood
Sam FuldCorey PattersonCarlos Zambrano
Sean GallagherDavid PattonJulio Zuleta
Nomar Garciaparra       Carlos Pena


  1. It's a crime there is still no Tuffy Rhodes certified auto! What better insert for the yearly Opening Day set than a dual Tuffy/Gooden auto?

  2. There's one more - Jacque Jones has an autograph in that 2006 UD series that's identical to the Murton.

  3. Thanks, Marko...I'll add him to my list....and go shopping, too!

  4. Just saw a Steve Clevenger from last year's (2012) Bowman.