Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Bowman Cubs

2011 Bowman Cubs cards have started arriving at Wrigley Wax world headquarters. The design of the card, as usual, is your basic black. It's nothing too fancy, but nothing that makes me turn away either.

The 220 card base set features eight Cubs, which is two more Cubs than last year. It's mostly the usual suspects that were included. The biggest name among the missing Cubs would be Carlos Zambrano, who missed the Bowman cut for the first time since 2003. Closer Carlos Marmol is also not in the set; actually Marmol has never been included in any Bowman set.

The Soriano card is the International version; the seller sent me the wrong one, but I won't complain since the international is a tougher card to get than the base. I do like the international parallel. To me it's much more interesting than just changing the color of the border. I'm currently chasing down all 10 of the Cubs international cards. I'll post them once I've got them all.

There are only two Cubs among the 110 prospect cards. Last year there were eight, so that is quite a drop. That also doesn't bode well for the Cubs future....I guess they'll have to go out and overspend on free agents again!

Michael Brenly: If the name sounds familiar, well, it should. He is the son on Cubs TV analyst Bob Brenly. Bob mentions his son and his son's team quite often. In fact this weekend, Bob wasn't with the Cubs. Since he would have had only one broadcast, he got Friday off (Bill Buckner filled in) to stay in Florida and spend time with Michael, who plays for the Cubs A team in Daytona.

Evan Crawford: The Cubs picked him up last summer from the Giants in the Mike Fontenot trade. He is teammates with Brenly in Daytona and is tearing it up, hitting .336.

There are a few other Bowman Cubs I'm picking up, one in the Bowman Best insert and three in the Topp100 Prospects series. They'll get a post once they're in hand.


  1. For some reason Bowman includes very few relievers if any for its major league players. I know the 2008 Bowman set had 0 relievers in it - No Rivera or Papelbon