Thursday, May 5, 2011

Gypsy Queen Cubs

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Rookie Trophy post to bring you the 2011 Cubs from the Gypsy Queen set.

The Gypsy Queen set seems to have caught on quite well among collectors. I'm a bit more underwhelmed by it. I guess the cards look good enough, but they don't stand out to me. They don't have a unique look to them like Allen and Ginter or Masterpieces. The back of the card is also way too plain for me. I'm also not planning on getting any of the inserts or parallels, so maybe that is part of the reason for my lack of excitement.

But none of that stopped me from picking up the all of the Cubs. There were 11 Cubs in the base set and two more among the SPs. The players featured were the usual Cubs you would expect to see. The only notable missing player would be closer Carlos Marmol.

First off are the two Cubs old-timers, Ryne Sandberg and Rogers Hornsby. Why does Topps continue to include Hornsby with the Cubs instead of the Cardinals?

Below are the 11 modern day Cubs. One oddity is that while Carlos Pena is shown with the Cubs on the base card, in the Home Run Heroes insert he is still with the Rays. Seems very odd that Topps would update one card but not the other.

In addition to these 13, three insert cards feature Cubs. I'm still waiting for a couple of them to arrive, but as soon as I get them I'll get them posted.

Tomorrow, we return to our regularly scheduled Rookie Trophy.


  1. Hornsby is also featured as a Cardinal in this set. I believe that's the case with a handful of players.

  2. $10 says you're posting the parallels you picked up within 2 weeks!

    This is my favorite set of the year, plain backs or not. I love the look of them. Too bad they're out of my price range, set-wise! -Andy

  3. Andy,
    NO! NO! NO! Please don't say that about the parallels! You're offering a drink to an alcoholic! Must resist urge!