Thursday, May 26, 2011

T206 Cubs: Two More

I've really slowed down with this feature, but I don't want to leave it unfinished! So here are two more Cubs from the iconic T206 set.

Pfeel Pfree to read and learn about these two pfanstastic players. I wonder if the Cubs are the only team to have two PF players on the team at the same time?

Francis Pfeffer Though his first name was Frances ("lighten up, Frances"), he was known as "Big Jeff" because he resembled heavyweight champion "Big Jeff" Jeffries. He is shown with a bat in his hand, but was a pitcher. He had two tours of duty with the Cubs (1905 and 1910) and two with Brooklyn (1906-1908 and 1911). He wasn't particularly good, posting a lifetime record of 31-39.

Jack Pfeister He was known as Jack the Giant Killer, because of a career 15-5 record against them. That was especially important since the Giants were one of the other elite team in the National League at the time. Pfeister was on the mound against the Giants for the "Merkel's Boner" game. His career record was 71-44 with an ERA of 2.02. Not too shabby! That was good enough for him to get two cards in the set.

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