Saturday, May 7, 2011

Topps All Rookie Team: A Family Affair

Indulge me...this will be the last post on the All Star Rookie team.

I looked through the all time roster to see if there were any family connections and I found three.

Up first, some brothers. I found two sets of brothers who made the team.

The May Brothers

Lee, the 1967 team

and Carlos, the 1969 team, though he didn't get a trophy. There was one other in the '70 set that didn't get the trophy (Bob Oliver).

The other award winning brothers were the Conigliaro boys....

Tony, on the 1964 team....

....and Billy made the squad in 1970.

Since this is Wrigley Wax, I was hoping for a Cubs connection and I found one. The only father and son All Star Rookie team pair, the Hundleys, both spent time with the Cubs (thought I'd rather forget about Todd's time in Chicago).

Randy, who made the team in 1966

and son Todd, who was honored 26 years later.

And that's it...I am now officially All Star Rookied out!

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