Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Another Castro Card (if you can stand to see any more!)

This is the Black Diamond wrapper redemption card. I didn't buy the hobby box to get this. It was a simple Ebay purchase. I like the nice tight shot of Castro. My only complaint would be that if we are going to do a 1952 card, then the Cubs logo needs to look like....


With this card, I'm now up to 17 Castro cards from series one!
Anniversary Platinum
Gold border
Black border
NL All Star
Cubs Factory set
Black Diamond
Kimball Champions
Purple Diamond
Topps 60 jersey card
Manufactured Patch
Leather Glove
Leather Glove black

I also did a quick count and now have 36 different cards for a 21-year-old with a little more than a year in the majors. By comparison, I have 44 Cubs cards of Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins.

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