Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Gypsy Queen Extras

Other than the base and SPs, there were only three other cards I was going to go after. I'm not chasing any relics, minis, parallels, or anything else..really, I'm not!

Up first is Starlin Castro Future Stars. At least Topps didn't use the same picture as in his base card...

... but this sure looks like its from the same at bat, or even the same swing. It looks like Derrek Lee is in the background in both pictures. The fans in the background are the same, too. In the Future Stars cards they are looking at Castro. The base card has his follow-through after the swing and it looks like he made contact since the fans are now looking out toward the field.

Next is Castros' Sticky Fingers card. I'm not sure why a guy who made 27 errors last season (second most by an NL shortstop) would be considered "Sticky Fingers"? Maybe "Butter Fingers" would have been a better fit. But at least they used a different picture for the card.

Finally, I've got Andre Dawson from the Home Run Heroes set. Hawk's base card has him as an Expo, so it's nice to see him wearing Cubbie blue on this card. The card highlights his 1987 season, when he led the NL in homers and became the first MVP on a last place team.

And that is it. No more Gypsy cards from me. And this time I will not cave!

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