Thursday, May 19, 2011

A New Billy Williams Card, Sort Of

I've been adding a bunch of cards of Billy Williams to my collection. I went to Sportlots and searched Billy Williams. Three pages of cards came up and I started ordering as many cards from as few dealers as possible.

As I was working through the list, I guess I wasn't paying close enough attention. Check out one of the cards I got:

Yes, it is Billy Williams. But its the white umpire Billy Williams, not the black Cubs Hall of Famer. Oops!! I don't know much about the card. It was put out in 1988 by T&M Sports and there were 64 cards in the set. This is #3.

I had totally forgotten about the ump with the same name as my favorite player. But seeing the card jogged some memories. I remember thinking it was his cousin or something, until I got a good look at the, I guess they aren't related.

That also got me thinking about the jokes we would make about the Robinson "brothers" that played on the Orioles...ha ha!

Yes, you can't beat the humor of a nine-year old!

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