Saturday, May 21, 2011

Masterpieces Relics and Autographs

A few weeks ago in this post I took a look at the Masterpieces Cubs from both the 2007 and 2008 releases. I never paid too much attention to the jersey and autograph cards in either set until I Am Joe Collector had several auctions with relic cards. I won a Cubs lot and that got me interested.

The lot netted me these three cards:

Jason Kendall, though he was on the Cubs, the picture shows him with A's and the jersey is green. It reminds me of this Greg Maddux card.

Derrek Lee, with a nice pinstripe

Rich Hill Autograph. I saw Rich Hill make his major league debut at Wrigley in 2004 and I was at one of the best starts of his career in Cincinnati in 2007. In that game, he took a no-hitter into the sixth inning. He lost his control in 2008 and hasn't done a whole lot since.

This is the other autograph card in the set and I recently picked it up from I Am Joe Collector, too. Thanks Jeff!

The 2008 set had three Cubs jersey cards and I scrounged around several sites to grab these.

A plain white Derrek Lee

A plain blue Aramis Ramirez

A plain gray Carlos Zambrano.

There are also two autograph cards in the 2008 set. Showing no creativity, the players are the same two as the 2007 set, Rich Hill and Aramis Ramirez. Unfortunately, these cards seem to be very difficult to find. I've only seen one Ramirez card, which went for a crazy price. I saw one Rich Hill auto card just a couple weeks ago but got outbid. I'm guessing Upper Deck had far fewer of these in '08 than '07 since the '07 Hill card is abundant and can be had for $3 or $4.

Some day I hope to get these last two. When I do, I'll get them posted. Until then, I search and wait.

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