Thursday, February 2, 2012

1969 Milton Bradley Cubs set

A while back I wrote about the 1969 baseball game put out by Milton Bradley.

I had picked up the Banks and Williams cards for the player collection. I was also interested in a complete set, but only if the price was right. There were nearly 20 cards in the Cubs set, and most ebay listings were BINs in the $20-$30 range. That was more than I was willing to pay for such plain looking cards. I was content to wait for a set to show up as an auction. When one finally did, I set the snipper, waited, and won. The cards cost me about 35¢ each, much more in line with what I wanted to pay.

The cards don't list a team, and the team logos have been removed, so I've seen different listings of who to include with the Cubs.

The seller included this card of John Boccabella with the Cubs set, though the catcher was taken by the Expos in the expansion draft and spent the '69 season in Montreal. I would definitely not put him with the Cubs.....he needs to be in the Expos set.

This card of Dick Nen is a little tougher to place. The Cubs purchased him from the Senators in April of '68 and he spent the season with the Cubs. He hit only .181 and in October the Cubs sold him back to the Senators. So you would think he should go in the Senator's team set. But....he spent all of 1969 (the year the game came out) in the minors. So you can't really put him with the Senators either. I guess we can start a one-card set for the Buffalo Bisons.

The rest of the cards are of the more familiar names of the 1969 Cubs.

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  1. Looks like Nen is in a Senators outfit and Regan in a Dodger uni. Looks like Oliver is in a Cubs uniform!