Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Billy Post

Yesterday's card was a bargain. Today's was a bit more, but still a bargain.

It's a 1963 Post Cereal card. Post put out sets from 1961-1963, but this was Billy's only card. I've been looking for one for a while. Unfortunately for me, the card was short-printed. Short-printed cards of Hall of Famers are usually out of my price range. The Standard Catalog put a $95 price tag on a NM version. There's only one on ebay right now and it has a BIN of $245, which is waaaayyy beyond the WW budget.

This card was the first in several months that came up as an auction. I had a budget in mind, set the sniper, and waited. I ended up getting it for less than the last time one was in an auction, so that helped ease the sting of the price. It was more than I usually pay for a card, but since it was Billy, and one of his earliest non-Topps cards, I figured why not. And I paid a whole lot less than that BIN price.

The Williams collection is now up to 143 cards. In a few days I'll show you two cards that didn't make it into the collection.

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