Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Birthdays

According to Baseball Reference, there have been only eleven major leaguers with a Leap Day birthday and not a single player active today has a February 29th birthday.

The list includes:
Terrence Long, 1976
Bill Long, 1960
Jerry Fry, 1956
Al Autry, 1952
Steve Mingori, 1944
Al Rosen, 1924
Pepper Martin, 1904
Roy Parker, 1896
Ralph Miller, 1986
Ed Appleton, 1892
Dickey Pearce, 1836

Of that group, only one played for the Cubs,

Bill Long. The card is from the 1990 Topps TV set.

He is known more for his five years on the south side than his short time with the Cubs. He came to the Sox in the same 1984 trade with the Padres that brought Ozzie Guillen to the Sox. Long spent most of his career in the bullpen and never had a winning season with the Sox. He was traded to the Cubs on April 30, 1990 and made 42 relief appearances. Though his ERA was high, 4.37, he posted his only winning season, going 6-1. He was released by the Cubs after the season and was picked up by the Expos. He made only three April appearances for the Expos before being sent to AAA and never returning to the major leagues.

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