Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another T206

I've hinted at more T206s.

So here's the deal: I'm after two more, Joe Tinker and Frank Chance. When finished, I'll have the Cubs famed double play trio.

Right now I've got one down, and one to go. Here's what I've got:

I picked this one up raw. It's in rougher shape than my Evers card, but I can live with that. Actually, at first I couldn't live with it. So I did something that some collectors might frown on; I soaked the card.

It was a leap of faith to try to clean up a 100+ year old card. I did lots of reading on the process and everything I read said that the T206 cards should come through with no real risk of damage. It was a fairly simple procedure: you quickly submerge the card in a flat bowl of luke warm water and soak if for several hours. Then you carefully remove the card from the water, dab it off with paper towels, and then place the card in another paper towel and set it under some weights for 24 hours to dry.

This was supposed to clean up the card and remove some dirt. For me, it did nothing. Nothing bad happened to the card, but it didn't get any cleaner, either. Oh well; it was worth a try.

Buying raw meant no need to worry about cracking a slab. I keep the card in a screw down, just like the Evers. And it goes on the shelf.

And that gives me Tinker to Evers to one more card I'm still looking for.


  1. Cool Shelf. I meant to comment earlier about the "freeing from the plastic tomb" but didn't because I was viewing late night and tired. Nicely done, excellent display.

  2. I dig it man! I wish to one day get me some old vintage Cubs cards like that.