Wednesday, February 22, 2012

1992 Star Stellar Ryne Sandberg for FREE!

I've written in the past on my quest for all of the Star Cubs sets. There are a few I'm missing, mainly because they are nowhere to be found. One of those was 1992 Stellar Ryne Sandberg. In two years I think I saw only one set on Ebay, and it went for over $30. But recently, I not only found the set, but I got it for free! Here's how:

Bored one Saturday, I decided to do some Star hunting. Instead of looking for individual player sets, I searched for complete sets. And I hit paydirt! There was a seller who had a couple of complete 1992 Star Stellar sets. His starting price for the 12-player set was $19.99. I figured I would try to get a set and then sell off the other players to make back some of the full set purchase price.

I was able to get the complete set for only $21, which was less than the price of the only other Sandberg set. I was very happy! Once I got the set, I put the other eleven players on Ebay. So far, I've got six of them sold. The total selling price of the six was $86. So not only did I end up with the Sandberg set for free, but I made another $60!

One thing different about this set is that it comes in a binder and 9 pocket sheet instead of a plastic case like all of my other Star sets. This one also has a certificate.

You can see that my set is #63 of of 500.

The cards are have the usual Star setup, with nine cards detailing different parts of the players career.

Tomorrow I'll show you what I did with my Star profits.


  1. Well, that is freakin' brilliant. How did I miss that auction?!?!?! I am envious now.

  2. I kept thinking of you while the auction was running, wondering if I was going to end up in a bidding war with you!

  3. Well, now I know that I have one less competitor when the next set shows up. Great job on the pickup.