Monday, February 6, 2012

Wrigley Wax is Ripping Some Wax

I don't do this very often, but after seeing so many other Topps 2012 posts, I just couldn't wait any longer. I bought and ripped some wax!

I haven't really drifted away from my normal pattern. I've bought a complete series one set, Cubs team set, and Cubs inserts. It's just that they aren't here yet! And since I needed to buy a pack for my pack collection, I figured I might as well buy a couple more packs to open just for fun.

My impressions on the design: It's fine. I do like the fact that you can actually read the players first name easily. The silver print shows up, for once. Too bad the last name is on a black band and very unreadable. Honestly, Topps should just do away with the silver or gold printing for the names. I want to read them, not be dazzled by them.

I really like that the card numbers on the back are big and white on a black background. They're very easy on the eyes, which is helpful for a guy who wears trifocals!

So how did I do? For a Cubs collector, I did lousy. I didn't get a single Cub! Of course that's the way it was when I was a kid, too. Pirates, I had a boatload. Tigers, I could fill a zoo. But Cubs were no where to be found.

Here's what I got:
Pack One

Its always a thrill for a Cub fan to see the Cardinals celebrating a post season triumph.

And the inserts from pack 1

It figures, if I get a Chicago player, it has to be a White Sox

And my million dollar code card

Now, pack two

Bah, more Cardinals

Why not, another Cardinal!

And the two inserts were great, if you're an Oriole fan.

That should be enough to hold me over until my cards get here.

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