Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Billy Not Going into the Collection

I've run into the same problem a couple times now as I've tried to add cards to the Billy Williams collection. The problem?

His name.

Williams is a pretty common last name, and there are lots of Billys out there too. Back in May, 2011, I had this post on getting a card of a different Billy Williams.

Well, it happened again. I was picking up a couple cards from a dealer at the Beckett Marketplace. I thought I'd see if I could add a few more cards since I was already paying for shipping. Might as well try to spread the shipping costs among a few more cards.

I searched the dealer's stock and saw he had a 1995 Billy Williams card from a company called Superior Pix. I'd never heard of that company and figured it was another oddball company from the '90s. The card was only a quarter, so I added it to my cart.

Here's what I got....

....Oops. It's not even baseball. This Billy Williams was drafted by the Cardinals in the 7th round of the 1995 draft. He didn't make the Cardinals, and ended up with the Rams. He played in one game in 1996. That's not quite the same career as the baseball Billy Williams.

I'm going to have to be more careful now when I search for cards. I don't want to end up with any more of

him, or

him, or



  1. I get frustrated on Ebay with all the Billy Dee's.

  2. Yeah I've got to be more careful also (sorry this comment is a little long). I recently avoided one of those same name Guffaws with Hockey players one collector was selling some auto cards and one of them was for a Nicklas Backstrom card. I'm a Caps fan and Backstrom (Swedish) is one of my "super collecting" team members well this guy had a card of the goalie for the Minnesota Wild Niklas Backstrom (Finnish). Fortunately the guy was smart enough and honest enough to think I might have wanted the Caps player and told me it was the other Nick Backstrom from the Wild. So I declined that one.

    ON Friday I got a card I wasn't too careful about, but this one was on condition. I ordered from sportlots a 1968 Topps Football stand-up of Don Meridith for $2.50 in "Good" condition well since it was from the regular inventory and not an auction there are rarely pics for the cards. This one is "punched out" and doesn't have the blank background, just the stand-up alone. ACK that is why I usually get those things from Ebay or checkoutmycards so I can see the condition. Lesson learned? on buying gimmicky "perforated" cards.