Friday, February 24, 2012

Flick Friday: Field of Dreams

Field of Dreams is up today. The 1989 classic is known not just as a great baseball movie, but as a great movie in general. There's no need to talk about the all know it. So lets just get to the other stuff!

You may remember that the WW family spent part of its summer vacation in Iowa at the Field of Dreams. The fact that the field is still there 22 years after the movie's release is a testament to the power of the film.

When we were there the ball field, farmhouse, and farm acreage were for sale, as the farmer-owner was retiring. In late October the property was sold to a couple from my home town of Oak Lawn, Illinois. They plan to leave the movie field and build a youth baseball complex on the rest of the property.

I've got a couple cards related to the movie

This Joe Jackson card was in the opening scene of the movie. Its a fake, created by the producers, with Ray Liota as Joe Jackson.

Here is the original Cracker Jack card along side the movie fake.

This is a card of Moonlight Graham that I picked up at the field in Iowa.


I've got a couple. First, in this scene, when Ray first meets Joe. They have a conversation about the lights.

Joe: "What's with the lights?"
Ray: "All the stadiums have them now, even Wrigley Field."
The movie was filmed in 1988, the year the lights were installed in Wrigley Field. Jackson died in 1951, three years after the Tigers, the second to last team to install lights, did so.

When Ray, Terrance, and Archie are heading to Iowa, we catch a glimpse of this sticker on the visor of the van.

Ray was a Dodger fan as a kid, but is he a Cub fan now? If so, that could give, "Ease his pain" a whole new meaning!

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  1. That's my favorite baseball movie. If anyone hasn't read the book it's based on, "Shoeless Joe", I'd highly recommend it. It has the same feel as the film but is just different enough to justify your time.